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The Time Crunched Cyclist Blog

I have been asked many times what motivates me to write a cycling blog which takes a lot of time out of an already busy life and doesn’t bring in a dime. Good question. The answer is simple: “I get a lot of good feedback from my readers and that keeps me going.” The feedback is always similar: “Keep writing”, “It motivates me”, “I enjoy reading your blog”, “Great stuff”, “Inspiring.”

 In other words, some people take the time to read what I write and they get inspired by it. To put this in perspective here’s an interesting statistic. I recently created a Facebook page for the blog and within five days I had 424 people find the page and “Like” it. More than 23 people produced a link to it or wrote about my blog on their blog. So if something I write helps even one person to live a…

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